We offer an on site professional dip and dunk film developing service for C41 colour negative camera film.
Our black & white film processing is done off site using traditional hand processed methods.
Normal service C41 turnaround is 24hrs, B&W turnaround is 48hrs. The turnaround for larger volume is by agreement.
Push/ pull processing is available upon request.
Our processing packages also include:
  • Noritsu scans at medium or large resolution, provided as JPEG or TIFF (colour and density match to sample provided)
  • Traditional contact sheets
Picture is of a 35mm colour film contact sheet with a magnifying loupe. The loupe is traditionally used for checking whether the negs are sharp

Processing only

We offer a processing only service for film types 35mm, 120, 220, 5×4, 10×8 and 16×12. This also includes film from disposable cameras. Colour film developing is processed on site with Black and White film  processed offsite.  Please note we do not process slide films or aps films. Film is processed using a professional Refrema Dip & Dunk processor.


While we offer a process only service, we also offer a develop and scan service at both a medium and high resolution for 35mm and 120 format films.  These scans are completed on a dedicated Noritsu scanner. The standard scans are suitable for online and printable with the higher resolution scans suitable for a print up to 10×8 inches.

Contact Sheets

Alongside our processing and scanning, we also produce traditional darkroom contact sheets from both colour and b&w negative film. The turnaround time for colour is usually 24 hours with black & white taking from 48 hours.

Same Day Service

Colour film can be developed and collected on the same day. We open at 9am Monday to Friday. Colour film for processing only can usually be completed within 2 – 3 hours dependent on quantity.

Dip & Dunk Processing

Unlike many smaller labs using ‘roller transport’ processing, where the film is pulled around a series of rollers and can get scratched. We use a professional ‘dip & dunk’ processing system where the film is hung vertically and lifted between each tank of chemistry.

Mail Order

Simply post us your film with instructions and your contact details. We will call you on completion for payment, or you can pay online. Our address can be found here.