Scanning Services


You need high quality scans to get the best out of your images in a mix media workflow. At Artful Dodgers imaging we can provide high quality scans direct from your negatives, transparency's or print based media.

Ask us on how we can assist with your film to digital workflow and help to realise your images.


We can produce the highest resolution digital files from all formats of film originals and from flexible prints or artwork up to 24x20 inches.

We use a Crossfield drum scanner, which is renowned for producing a "film feel",

FlatBed Scanning

We have a Epson 10000 XL flatbed scanner, this means we are able to scan A3 sized prints to high resolutions at fraction of the price as our drum scan

Roll Film Scanning

We can scan 35mm and 120 film at a medium and high resolution provided as JPEG or TIFF.

Perfect for web use, creating a digital proof and merging a film and digital work flow.

We use a Noritsu scanner which are designed for professional use and large quantities of film.